Experimenting with Barbecue

We go through food ‘phases’, sort of like Picasso’s blue period but with food of course.  Now we’re going through a barbecue phase. We try to limit meat for health reasons but that doesn’t mean we can’t grill fish, vegetables and meat in moderation.

On the 4th, my husband made two types of chicken – drumsticks basted in beer and chicken thigh marinated with a Tennessee style concoction that included paprika, brown sugar, dry mustard, cumin, cayenne pepper and garlic powder. You’ll have to wait for his entry for the complete recipe!  He also decided to try cooking on indirect heat which is a method recommended in some of the BBQ magazines and articles he’s been reading.  He has an excellent track record with grilled meats so I was skeptical of trying new methods, but the end result was excellent — less charring with a smoky juicy flavor.

Today we had the leftover chicken, plus leftover grilled eggplants and bell peppers for lunch. Still delicious, making all the work of barbecuing over hot flames worth it!


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