A Day In Liguria


One of things we always miss most after returning from Italy is eating well with friends and family. It sounds like such a simple thing but somehow people are always too busy in L.A.  I thought I would post a photo of a simple typically Ligurian meal we had –  zucchini frittata, cannellini bean salad, foccacia, oil-cured wild mushrooms, rice salad (not pictured) and wine. The Ligurian region is known for its healthy, unpretentious yet delicious foods so we were able to indulged without feeling heavy afterwards.

In a way, what made this afternoon even most memorable were the little imperfections.  Our hosts live in a stone farmhouse  surrounded by colorful flowers, vegetable gardens and olive trees and with an unbeatable view of the ocean. At first glance, it was the kind of place pictured in tourist brochures to entice visitors to Italy.  However, upon closer inspection, it was obvious that the house was lived-in, work was being done in the gardens, and it was not quite the kind of home you would see in glossy magazines. I guess that’s how I like it!


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