Il Tortino with Cauliflower

Last week, my husband decided to do something different with cauliflower and the result was refreshing and amazingly good.  Normally we make it into a salad with a capers and olive oil vinagrette.  This time, he mashed up the steamed cauliflower and mixed it with olive oil packed Portuguese tuna packed in olive oil, capers, green olives, flour, eggs, sea salt, black pepper and a dash of mustard powder.  Then he put the cauliflower and tuna mixture into a small ceramic terrine to shape it into a mini cakes. To keep the mixture from sticking, he first spread olive oil and breadcrumbs inside the terrine. He then flipped the terrine and dropped perfectly shaped cakes on an oiled baking sheet.  After baking for a little over 30 minutes, we let it settle to room temperature before eating 3 of the 5 tortas for lunch.

The cakes maintained the distinct cauliflower flavor but had enough spice and flavor to make it more interesting.  It is definitely a new favorite and a dish we want to make again very soon!


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