Val d’Aosta

valdosta_maison_blogSurprisingly my husband and I did not eat ourselves sick during this last trip to Italy. Very surprising considering we spent a few days at the town of Arnad in Val d’Aosta, or the Italian alps.  That region is known for its heavier, hearty foods like lardo di Arnad, fontina, tomino cheese, fondue, meat and polenta.

Based upon a friend’s recommendation, we found a quaint trattoria that catered to workers, which means affordable prices and good food (and lots of it)!  Antipasti consisted of a fresh ricotta-type cheese, cipollini, boiled potatoes, cotechino, blood sausage, lardo and more. I thought this was the primi and proceeded to taste everything before my in-laws warned me that this was just the beginning…

After that, there were 2 primi. We skipped one and saved our appetites for “zuppa valtellinese”. Zuppa means soup in Italian but this was closer to baked pasta than soup. This delicious and hearty dish is usually made from dried bread, fontina and savoy cabbage, but this chef subsituted the cabbage with a wild local spinach that grew in nearby mountains for a few brief weeks in the summer.

They also served two secondi – roast goat and roast pork. Both were good but the goat was definitely the more exceptional of the two.

Then they served more cheese, gelato and coffee. By now we had polished off at least 2 bottles of water and 2 bottles of red wine!

Okay, maybe that day, we did eat ourselves sick.

There are no pictures of this meal.  We were too busy eating!


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