Can Non-Vegans Work for PETA?

We recently met a nice, very generous, down-to-earth couple that worked for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). They were also vegan. We didn’t ask too many questions about their eating habits and of course we didn’t share with them our love for meat!  We have cooked dinner for a vegetarian before and it isn’t that difficult since we actually eat and love a wide variety of vegetables.  In fact, I still recall the food we had that night — onion focaccia, spinach and ricotta crespelle, and a  fantastic green bean and potato torta.  A Vegan menu, of course, is a another thing altogether. It would be hard to concoct a menu without any dairy products or cheese.

Right now, we are semi- or wholly vegetarian on the weekdays and eating meat mostly on weekends. This is more for healthy reasons than on principle. We feel better and I do appreciate that it’s better for the environment to eat less meat. However, we are far from being vegetarian!


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