Don’t Save Room For Dessert

My husband can pretty much make anything but if I had to pick an achilles heel, I would have to say desserts. It’s not that he hasn’t made delicious desserts but it takes a back seat to the primi, secondi, appetizer, bread etc.. Truthfully the only time we even think about dessert is when we invite people over. Even then it seems like an afterthought (i.e. if you come over, either bring dessert or don’t worry about saving room for sweets!)

This leads me to a dessert that I do love: sweet crepes. Crepes can also be salty, filled with spinach, mushrooms, brie or prosciutto or a million other variations but I prefer sweet ones — Crepe with nutella, Crepe suzette, crepe with fruit or sweet jams. The first time I had crepes was in Paris and since I was a poor backpacking student, that’s about all I ate for days.  I’m fortunate that my husband is very good at making crepes, or crispelle, just like ones I had in Paris a long, long time ago.

The ingredients are few and simple (all purpose flour, sea salt, whole milk, eggs and unsalted butter) but the trick is in getting the proper mixture and of course, in the flipping of the crepes in the pan. I admit that the thought of flipping it out of the pan or ruining its shape has prevented me from trying. However, my husband once showed a friend how to do it and she accomplished on her first try! Notbeing intimidated is definitely a huge factor.

I can’t find any photos of crepes so I may have to convince my husband to make some!


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