This Is Why I’m The Prep Chef

Last night, I made a lukewarm salad of green beans, red bell peppers, russet potatoes and fresh garlic..something I’ve done before.  The recipe is good, simple with a few key ingredients.  Once the potatoes and green beans were steaming (first the potatoes, then green beans a while later), I chopped and sautéd the bell peppers. Big mistake. Roasting them would have brought out their natural sweetness; sautéd peppers just did not have the same flavor.  I also make the mistake of pouring the hot cooked oil from the pan in with the other ingredients, thereby diluting the freshness.

Overall it was not a bad salad, just not as good as usual. Next time, I’ll be sure to roast the peppers instead. While I was making the salad, my husband finished baking focaccia — two with onion and rosemary and one with green olives. So delicious! I know salads and focaccia are very different things but his contribution was so superior that I will happily step back into my prep chef role!


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