Not Watching “Julia & Julia”

Confession: I rarely read food-related websites or the food sections of any major newspaper. I don’t know much about the hottest restaurants or chefs in town. When I’m at a bookstore, I’ll choose a magazines about decorating, fashion or fitness over food/cooking. And I have little interest in watching food-themed shows or movies. (Although I did watch “Supersize me” and half of Mario Batali‘s “Spain: On The Road“).

Yet I write a food blog.

On my free time, I read mostly finance blogs and a few blogs about simple living, decorating and fashion. I do read food blogs but not as regularly as I should. (i.e. I much rather read Apartment Therapy than the Kitchn.)

I guess I’m not your typical food blogger.

I considered a finance blog but decided that writing about money, while entertaining, can also be slightly depressing. I think about money enough already!  As for decor and fashion, I love reading about these topics but don’t feel that I have enough knowledge to write about these on a frequent basis. So I chose food…because my husband is a great cook and his food gives me fresh ideas every day…because it’s an online diary that matters even if only he and I read it. 30 years from now, I can read about a delicious dinner we had one night in August 2009.

And after all, food makes the world go around, right?

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