I Hate Take-Out (Or The Real Reasons We Cook?)

I tend to get on people’s cases if they make excuses for not cooking (well at least on this blog, not in person!). I just think everyone can make time to cook if they really wanted to. However, I realize that our household has certain advantages that make it much easier for us than for others.

I’ve written about my husband and my cultural upbringing in other posts (“Why Americans Don’t Cook”). My husband also freelances, which means more flexibility and time for cooking. However, I realized recently that there are less usual reasons that make it easier for us to cook.

1) Aversion To Take-Out

Most if not all my American friends grew up eating take-out at home. I didn’t. Maybe we ate Kentucky Fried Chicken on occasion? For the most part, we ate home-cooked meals or went to a restaurant. This explains why I think getting take-out is a major hassle. Once I get in my car, I want to get home. I don’t want to stop somewhere to grab food. I don’t want to wait for my order. I just want to get from Point A (work) to Point B (home). It seems much easier to get home, make a simple meal if you’re pressed for time or tired, than to get take-out. Maybe it’s just me…

Don’t even get me started on pizza delivery. The one time we did this, we had to call two different locations and neither wanted to serve our area. I don’t think they like to deliver to houses on dark, dirt roads with barking guard dogs and roaming coyotes. The delivery driver got lost. The pizza was cold, greasy and not worth the wait.

2) Less Aversion To A Messy Kitchen

Someone once told my husband that our kitchen looked “used”.  He sincerely meant that as a compliment. His Armenian mother cooked delicious foods from scratch and he knew the labor and mess involved in real cooking.  So I have to confess that we do tolerate a bit of a mess. If you can’t stand a messy kitchen or don’t have a maid, it may be harder for you to enjoy cooking.

Does anyone else have not-so-obvious or even slightly odd reasons for cooking on a daily basis?


3 responses to “I Hate Take-Out (Or The Real Reasons We Cook?)

  1. I love to cook! I can’t think of anything more enjoyable than enjoying a good meal with family and friends. However, it is a constant struggle during the week, too crazy, too hectic. Weekends are our time to really try to slow down and enjoy a couple of good meals.

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