Ah….Spa Day (off topic)

This week is Spa Week in Los Angeles. If you’re not familiar with this, spas through L.A. offer facials, massages and other spa treatments for only $50, a steal considering that most hour-long treatments costs $100 or more!  (Spa Week takes place in other major U.S. cities also)

I got a facial and neck massage at the luxurious Spa Luce in the Hollywood Renaissance hotel on Hollywood and Highland.  What makes this spa more of an experience is the decor and atmosphere. You’re ushered into a quiet, private waiting area where you lounge on a super comfortable white L-shape sofa, sip herbal tea and read magazines ( or just relax). You can also use the steam room a half hour before your treatment.  While I lounged in the dimly-lit area, I took time to appreciate the design of the space: light fixtures hidden behind walls, flickering candles, soothing scents and music, a soothing white palette offset by natural materials like bamboo, reeds, wood and stone. 

The facial itself was relaxing and my skin has a nice glow.  The treatment included a neck and hand massage which made it even more worth while.

Since I’m on a budget, I can’t indulge in spa treatments regularly but every spa week, I’ll be sure to pamper myself!


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