Amazing Tripe (Trippa)


Recently, my husband was craving “trippa”, a specialty of the Ligurian region, and made two different recipes using tripe from a local market. Tripe isn’t easy to find unless you venture into a Mexican or ethnic market.  He hasn’t been especially happy with the quality of tripe found in Los Angeles but with the right sauce and recipe, the end result was still pretty amazing.

I didn’t really get to know this ingredient until my husband introduced it to me.  Since then I’ve tried tripe in many incarnations from salad to tripe cooked with Spanish beans and a bit of red sauce. He made tripe with potatoes, peas, olives, pine nuts, a bit of red sauce and peperoncino.  I know many people won’t even try this because of the main ingredient (yes, it’s made from the cow stomach) but you’re missing out on a delicious and versatile meat.


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