Please Leave My Food Choices and Culture Alone

About two years ago, we brought two co-workers, both transplants to Los Angeles, to an authentic dim sum restaurant in Los Angeles. Although one was game, the other was known to be a picky eater and I knew bringing him would be a huge mistake. He ate an eggroll and made faces as the delicious parade of har gow, dumplings and Chinese delicacies hit our table. And believe me, we did not order anything that would be considered “gross” to Americans like chicken feet or tripe.

This wasn’t the only incidence of Americans sitting judgement on my cuisine. They grimace at the mention of chicken feet or ox tail or beef tongue, as if we are barbaric and they are superior. They look disgusted even before they take one bite. I know this is not limited to Americans but from my experience, they are one of the worse offenders due to lack of exposure to real cooking.  I’m sure many nationalities can be the same way. However, this has happened way too many times for me to consider their disgust an anomaly.

True, even the most hard-core ‘foodie’ draw the line at certain foods. It’s okay. It’s their choice but please refrain from making that disgusted expression. It reeks or judgement and Americans, coming from a culture that invented processed spreadable cheese, fast food and veg-all, should be the LAST ones on earth to make a judgement about foods.

That’s my rant for today!


3 responses to “Please Leave My Food Choices and Culture Alone

  1. Luckily there are enough Americans willing not to turn up their noses at different foods that we do have a great variety of restaurants in many cities.

    I don’t know if it’s just Chinese food though. I know there are people who are extremely picky and won’t eat many things. And it’s not just Americans like that, I think it’s a human nature kind of thing. Some people just refuse to eat most food.

    Ummm, dim sum, could really go for some now!

  2. You said “picky” but you really meant close-minded. And yes, Americans are notorious offenders. Based on a cheez-wiz and smores “culture” they look down on the rest of the world for enjoying a nice blood sausage or a bowl of tripe. I say look at the Ding Dong in your mouth before you judge the ox tail in my plate!

  3. Couldn’t agree more. But if they want to miss out, let ’em. It’s their loss. Don’t let it stop you from filling your own life with amazing food experiences.

    Casual Kitchen

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