Focaccia Ripiena Ai Porri

Or Filled Focaccia with leeks and cheese…

Focaccia is normally reserved for weekends or Friday nights. It takes a lot of time to make and prepare the dough, including time to let the dough rise, before finally baking it in the oven.

As an experimental shortcut, my husband decided not to let the focaccia dough rise and make a filled focaccia with ricotta forte, cotija and sauted leeks.  Instead of cotija, parmigiano woul probably work. Stracchino would be even better but we haven’t been able to find this amazing Italian cheese in the states.

Since this was a surprise, I didn’t see the cooking process. I do know that he partially baked the bottom layer of the dough before adding in the filling of leeks and cheese. 

If you love focaccia, you’ll love this dish.  When sauted, leeks have an unique sweet quality that perfectly complements saltier cheeses. And of course ricotta forte is a favorite of mine so any dish that does justice to this ingredient is a plus.  I can’t wait until he makes it again, and next time I hope to see the work in progress.

Oh, if anyone knows where to get stracchino in the Los Angeles area, please shoot me an email or comment!


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