Simple Recipe #8: Attempt At Thai

Anyone who reads this blog will realize that we cook Italian at home 90% of the time, and that Italian food has enough variety that you’ll never get bored. On occasion we stray to Chinese, Mexican or even Indian-inspired. Although we love Thai food, we had never tried it at home.  Our recent trips to a Thai restaurant definitely inspired us to try something outside of our comfort zone.

We didn’t look up any recipes so this dish is far from authentic.  It definitely wouldn’t quash anyone’s cravings for true Thai food.  We used angel hair pasta, langostino, grilled bell peppers, fresh basil and one Thai chili.  One Thai chili was enough to give the pasta some heat.  All I did was sauté the langostino with extra virgin olive oil and the chili, adding in some salt and black pepper. When it was fully cooked, I threw in the grilled bell peppers and chopped basil leaves for about a minute.  Once the pasta was cooked, we drained it and mixed in with the langostino.

It was a good dish and my husband said it was “blog-worthy” so here it is!  Considering it was a hectic Monday evening and both of us got home around 7:30 p.m. and we had to make steamed rice for one of our dogs, I guess it wasn’t too bad!


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