Maybe I’m Reading The Wrong Blogs?

Although this is primarily a food blog, I admit that I favor personal finance/simple living/frugality blogs.  I guess it’s more interesting to read about finance-related events than the latest recipe someone concocted in their kitchen.  However, I recently wrote a small complaint that many of the pf bloggers make me want to spend!  Shouldn’t finance-minded blogs steer you in the opposite direction?

Then I realized that many of these same bloggers are also in their 20s or early 30s at most. I’m closer to 40 if you must know…I’m not sure why I enjoy reading younger bloggers since their priorities are probably different from mine.  In my 20s, I wasn’t a clotheshorse but I’m sure that I was tempted to spend more in the area of clothing, shoes and accessories. I definitely spent a fair amount on traveling.  Now that I think about it, finance didn’t even cross my mind (much) in my 20s. I saved 5% (maybe) in my retirement account.  I probably opened a Roth IRA. I didn’t have credit card debt but I did have a new car loan.

I shouldn’t let age dictate what I find interesting to read but it’s definitely something to keep in mind the next time I come across a post about spending.


4 responses to “Maybe I’m Reading The Wrong Blogs?

  1. I think a lot of personal finance pages have a lot of good information. But I try to remember that many of the sites I read also are trying to make money through the stuff they post. Some are getting paid to post certain items and rave about them. Some are doing it in hopes the company sees their post and sends them free merchandise.

    I’m not saying all of them do but enough do to make me not feel like spending money. So there may be a very legitimate reason you are feeling this way.

  2. Mmmm, I wish banana republic was giving me free merchandise! Most of the pf blogs I (and probably you) read don’t generally post paid reviews/raves and if they do, they disclose!

    Of course, I don’t think you are reading the wrong pf blogs!

    I wonder if I should talk more about my savings — I have been spending a little more than I used to, but savings is still my top priority. But it seems less exciting since it is so automatic.

    What kinds of things do you find it important to spend money on, given that you are at a different stage in life?

    • I never thought that the pf blogs I read were paid to do reviews. I guess anyone could do a paid review without disclosing but I believe a new law may stop this from happening.

      Talking about savings can definitely get boring although I also enjoy reading posts about people saving on cable bills, negotiating on a car, etc…

      As for my husband and myself, we spend mainly on food — cooking more so than eating out. I also think it’s worthwhile to spend on travel. We go to Italy once a year to visit family and also try to travel to a more exotic location every so often. Unfortunately, we have tons of expenses from car repairs to vet bills to medical bills that prevent us from splurging! I swear that everytime I negotiate a good deal in one area, another unexpected expense pops up. I’m probably a little jealous of those that can afford to splurge at J. Crew or Banana Republic!

  3. “I swear that everytime I negotiate a good deal in one area, another unexpected expense pops up.”

    Honestly, it seems like the balance gods sense every time you manage to scrimp or save in one area, ’cause you’re hit in another! (ie: my insurance adventures.) I try to be grateful that I negotiated in time to save that money instead of grouching about losing those savings. Doesn’t always work, but …. 🙂

    In any case, it’s always more exciting to read about purchases, I think, but for what it’s worth (bringing this back from the other post), I absolutely welcome criticism and suggestions that I pass on purchases that seem out of line with my goals and such. Oftentimes, that’s why I post about purchases or contemplated buys: if someone can talk me out of it, I appreciate it!

    In fact… you’re inspiring a different post today. 🙂

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