Simple Recipe #10: Roasted Bell Peppers

This is more of an ingredient than a complete recipe but roasted red bell peppers really add a distinct flavor to salads and other dishes.  All you need are red bell peppers, extra virgin olive oil and salt.


1 ) Brush bell peppers all over with olive oil. Add some salt.

2 ) Put bell peppers in a baking pan and broil. Turn when the skin gets a bit black.  All in all, I think I broiled the bell peppers for an hour.

3 ) Take out and put bell peppers in a large bowl. Cover with clingwrap and let it steam. This makes it easy to peel off the skin.

4 ) In about 20 minutes, take out of the bowl. Peel skin off the bell peppers.

Voila! You’re done. I added this to my a pasta salad with broccoli, red onions and cheese.  This would also be good with cannellini beans or just mixed with feta for the simplest of salads.


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