Bargaining For Rugs And Healthcare

In the spirit of my “Just Ask!” negotiations challenge, I requested an additional $300 discount for an upcoming medical procedure. In my email, I asked if they could reduce this procedure so that the total is a nice round number (i.e. $2,000 instead of $2,300).  It felt so strange to haggle over medical procedures in the same tone I would use haggling over rug prices in a Turkish bazaar.

Ahh, the sorry state of our U.S. healthcare system…

3 responses to “Bargaining For Rugs And Healthcare

  1. David Gillaspie

    What a bargain? You wonder if they have the same procedures for the astute bargain person in the hospital as they do in the rug shop.

    Rule #1. Keep your eye on the rug to avoid a switch.

    Rule #2. Keep an eye on the doctor while counting backwards with the mask on.

    Asking, and not just going along with the current numbers, is always a good idea.

    Thanks for a good one.

    David Gillaspie (I always ask)

  2. I love your Rule #2! As I count backwards, I will remember that. The anesthesiologist fee alone is $500 — no wonder they were listed in Money magazine as one of the top-paid professionals!

  3. Antonio Cassano

    The US health care system is horrible… Universal health care now!

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