Time For (Gasp!) Take-out?

When my husband is working on a project, he has long hours and tight deadlines.  Most if not all the chores fall to me and the oilandgarlic household falls rapidly into disarray. 

First I should write about our ‘normal’ schedule.  By the time I get home from work,  my husband has fed the dogs, watered all the plants and trees, taken out the trash, and has planned or started dinner.   He does most of the grocery shopping, too.  I pitch in by loading and/or unloading the dish washer or other small chore but I really don’t do much until the weekends.  We have a system of sorts that works out well most of the time.

When he is working on a project, however, every little chore adds up.  This weekend, I did not have time to go to the market so we were off to a less than auspicious start, i.e.  living out of the pantry, plus a few tomatoes, eggs, and romaine lettuce.  Monday’s dinner consisted of heated potato and bacon soup and a green romaine lettuce salad with cannellini beans, tomatoes and basil. 

It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t osso buco.  Afterwards my husband said in a nonchalant manner, “We can do take-out, you know. We don’t have to impress anyone.”  He was probably thinking about this food blog. (Wait, I thought, I have plans to make a red sauce with tuna, basil and onion frittata, curry potatoes and peas….)

At moments like this, I realized how lucky I am that my husband has a freelance schedule.  I sometimes complain because it’s tiring to be the one with the full-time job and commute. However, his flexible schedule makes it easier for him to cook delicious, high-quality dishes every night.  (To be fair, even if he did work 9-to-5, he’ll probably still find time to cook delicious meals.)

I have some ideas for the rest of the week and will try to stock up the fridge this weekend.  In the meantime, despite my rather unusual reasons for avoiding take-out, I better dig out the  menu from my favorite Chinese restaurant!


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