Simple Recipe #11: Black Bean And Cheese Burrito

This is more about assembling food than cooking. However, I’m including it on my Simple Recipes list because it’s a good recipe for lunch


1 ) Black beans (1 can)

2 ) Flour tortilla

3 ) Tapatio hot sauce

4 ) Shredded Mexican blend cheese

5 ) Fajita seasoning

6 ) Optional: Avocado, Salsa, Chicken (or other ingredients to mix it up)


1 ) Add fajita seasoning and a bit of salt to the black beans.

2 ) Scoop beans into the flour tortilla.

3) Add cheese.

4 ) Add tapatio sauce. Wrap the tortilla and heat in the microwave for 50 seconds to 1 minute.

What makes this dish super easy is that you can transport the individual ingredients to work and assemble.  I have an hour lunch so I find it much easier to prepare my lunch at work then at home. Plus, I leave the main ingredients at work and create other dishes using these.

For example, stash a bag of tortilla chips and add the beans, cheese and salsa to make nachos for a quick snack. Or boil rice the night before, bring some cooked chicken, and then assemble at work for a Mexican rice bowl (rice, beans, chicken and optional ingredients like cheese, green onions etc..)


2 responses to “Simple Recipe #11: Black Bean And Cheese Burrito

  1. Hi — I finally just subscribed to your blog, after having stopped by a few times. I have two comments. Do you have a “subscribe” button of any sort?! You should.

    Also, can you offer a full RSS feed? Just curious, no pressure.

    Last — i love burritos and look forward to seeing more recipes!

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