Do Food Blogs Have A Short Shelf Life?

I’ve been wondering if food blogs have a natural expiration date. At some point, maybe in 2-3 years depending on your skill level, you’ll run out of recipes and menu plans that are “blog-worthy”. In 2030, when my husband makes ripieni for the 50th time, am I going to have anything fresh to write or would I just link back to a post dated October 2009? After all, I’m not writing for a food magazine. I’m writing about what we really cook and eat and there will be repeats of favorite dishes.

The same can be said for many other blogs from mom/parenting blogs to finance. Mom blogs tend to focus on the nitty-gritty of toddler-hood and early childhood. Even if you manage to keep up until your kid goes off to college, the lack of daily interaction will likely reduce output. Not to mention the cuteness factor goes way down when the child hits those teenage years and is actively avoiding you. Finance blogs may seem to have a long lifespan (unless you’re specifically a debt reduction blog) but you can only write so much about saving and spending once you have your finances under control.  Advice-oriented finance blogs can probably go on forever but how many times can you churn out the same, tired money-saving tips?

You could argue, of course, that magazines repeat topics all the time.  Take travel magazines for example. They don’t write about Florence a few times. They write about it hundreds of times.  Food magazines can only come up with so many fresh takes on chicken recipes. Every magazine recycles its content to some extent. They may try different angles and writers but if you subscribe and keep old issues of a magazine, it’s not hard to find similar articles.

For now, I’m not too concerned about this blog’s shelf life.  I’ve written about my reasons for choosing a food-themed blog over other interests.  I hope to focus on simple and green living topics in the future. Right now, I can barely keep up with my husband’s cooking.  Plus, if we move to Europe someday as planned, I’ll have many new topics.

Does anyone know the average life of blogs? Do certain types of blogs have more longevity due to the main topic?


One response to “Do Food Blogs Have A Short Shelf Life?

  1. Blog lifetimes are all over the place. I’ve seen people who have been blogging for YEARS just up and stop one day. And there is a wasteland of single-post blogs out there.

    The best blogs, for me, are the ones with a narrative. Learning blogs (like many of the big names) just repeat the same stuff over and over. That can be effective, unless you have already mastered what they’re talking about. When you foloow someone’s journey, they need never run out of things. The blogs that last the longest are the ones that don’t pigeonhole themselves – they branch out to food, or fashion, or whatever.

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