Simple Living…Daily Yoga

This might not be a revelation for anyone who does yoga but I’ve always been someone who works out sporadically.  I was actually most consistent when I was at college and needed it least!

This past year, I started attending yoga classes at my gym.  It’s not a perfect setting but you really can’t complain when gym membership is $7/month (including all classes).  I went to yoga 3-4 times a month but could have gone twice a week if motivated.  Unfortunately this great set-up ended when they cancelled classes without warning.  Worse of all, my back pain soon returned.  I’m not sure why but this particular yoga teacher’s methods alleviated my constant back pain.

For the past week, I’ve started doing yoga stretches based on my memories of the class plus a new mediation yoga DVD. It has taken 4 sessions to alleviate my back pain just a little and I’m hopeful that I can manage the pain going forth. A good side effect is that these daily yoga session also alleviates stress more so than once-a-week sessions. Now if I can only keep this up…I guess I’m posting this so that my new commitment is now “public” and I’ll feel guilty if I slack off!


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