Oxtail Soup With Red Cabbage And Potatoes

Who doesn’t love a warm hearty meat soup on a cold California night?  Oxtail might be too strange of an ingredient for most but it’s been a favorite of mine since childhood.  It’s not super common in Italy, at least not in my husband’s region. He says that it is a popular ingredient in Rome. 

Normally we used regular green cabbage but the market was out of these.  Red cabbage works just as well and has a more delicate flavor. It also didn’t stink up the house as much! 

My husband braises the oxtail first before adding it to a large pot of water.  Then he adds in the chopped potatoes, chopped cabbage, salt, pepper and selected herbs (like rosemary).  You cook it over low heat for a few hours.  Let it sit for a few hours before serving.  Drizzle extra virgin olive oil and some parmigiano for extra flavor.

We got two dinners out of this and a delicious broth that was perfect for risotto last night.



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