A Fall Feast: Baked Yam And Potatoes

This was the first time we cooked with yams or sweet potatoes.  Not surprising if you consider that yams are not common, or non-existent, in Italy.  A bit surprising if you consider the many Thanksgiving dinners I’ve had over the years.  Yet not surprising if you consider that I hate yams with marshmellows and blamed the wrong culprit  for this horrible recipe.

Recently I had baked yams at a restaurant and mentioned it to my husband.  Always interested in trying new things, he bought one yam and one sweet potato just to test the waters.  We also included russet potatoes to create a nice fall medly of vegetables.

Russet potatoes (2)

Sesame seeds, enough to coat the russet potatoes

Sweet potato (1 – 2)

Yams (  1 – 2)

Extra virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper


1 ) Cut the russet potatoes into medium-thin slices, brush with olive oil and then coat with a thin layer of sesame seeds. Saute in a pan with olive oil.  Add some salt.  Be sure to cook both sides.

2 ) Once the potatoes are well-coated on both sides, remove from pan into a baking dish. Broil at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.

3 ) Slice the sweet potatoes and yams. Drizzle with olive oil and salt.   Since the russet potatoes take longer to cook, you may want to wait before you add the sweet potatoes and yams to the baking pan.  Broil for another 10 minutes until done.

4 ) Add fresh black pepper to taste.

The three ingredients balance each other out perfectly.  The biggest surprise was probably the sesame-coated potatoes.  Russet potatoes are a familiar ingredient and always good but the sesame seeds added crunch and flavor that made it an excellent stand-out dish.


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