Simple Living…Enjoy The Backyard

As renters, we’ve had to come up with clever ways to spruce up and fence our backyard without excessive cost or permanent fixtures.  Luckily my husband is really handy, imaginative and on the frugal/green band wagon.  Although it is still a work in progress, he has been enable to enclose a large area where we can eat, relax, and play with our dogs.   

Sometimes we regret that it took us years to tackle the back area; we thought of it as mission impossible and also thought of moving out a few years ago.  Sometimes the amount of work ahead seems overwhelming.  However, we are thankful that Southern California weather makes it possible to enjoy this oasis all year round.  And true to my husband’s Italian soul, he is the one who usually reminds me to relax and enjoy life’s little moments

A while ago, I wrote that eating well at home is one of the main splurges in our lives and our way of “keeping up with the Joneses“.  Add in a pretty outdoor setting and you’ll feel even wealthier, regardless of income.   If you don’t have a large backyard, there are still ways to dine alfresco without breaking the bank.   You can carve out a sanctuary on a small balcony, pack a picnic lunch and head to a park, or order coffee and dessert at a nice restaurant with a view of the ocean (obviously, that last piece of advice is for those who live near the ocean; any nice view will do!)


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