Torta With Potatoes, Ham And Leeks

Versatile, delicious and even better the next day, tortas are one of my favorite dishes.  In the past few months, my husband has made tortas with cauliflower, an amazing version with cod and porcini, and even one with eggplant. 

Russet potatoes (6 small or 4 regular)

Leeks (8 – 10)

Cotija cheese or Parmigiano


Eggs (3)

Breadcrumbs with Italian seasoning

White Flour

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt and pepper


1 ) Wash the potatoes and slice into thin slices, leaving the potato skin.

2 ) Sauté sliced potatoes in extra virgin olive oil.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

3 ) Once the potatoes are slightly cooked, turn to a low flame and cover with a lid to let it steam. This will soften the potatoes.  The classic Italian recipe calls for boiled potatoes that must be put through a ricer.  My husband adapted the recipe and sped up the process by sauteing the potatoes instead.  As a bonus, the potatoes are more tasteful when sautéd.

4 ) Slice ham into thin strips (julienne) and add to the potates.  The ham doesn’t need to be cooked but this is a good way to add flavor.

5 ) For the leeks, discard the top dark green leaf and use the white roots.  Cut these into thin slices.

6 ) Put the potatoes and ham into a large mixing bowl. 

7 ) Put leeks into the pan where you cooked the potatoes.  Sauté until softened. 

8 ) Mix leeks with potatoes and ham.

9 ) Add in cotija cheese and mix well.   Salt and pepper to taste.

10 ) Break in 2-3 eggs and mix all the ingredients well.  You should use enough eggs to coat all the ingredients.

11 ) Sift in some flour and mix well.  This will help to bind the ingredients.

12 ) Oil a baking pan and line with breadcrumbs. Then pour all the ingredients into the pan.  Press down to form a pie shape.

13 ) Add breadcrumbs to the top.

14 ) Bake for 40 minutes at approximately 350 degrees.  Let the torta sit in the oven for another 10 minutes.

Eat a room temperature or a little warm. Today will be a busy day at work but at least I can look forward to this torta for lunch.

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