Not Spending Does Not Equal Saving

With all the recent Just Ask! negotiating successes, I have a real urge to spend money on fun things like clothes, shoes and eating out. Now I have to remind myself that saving money via discounts is NOT the same as earning / saving money.  Yes, I “saved” $1,200 on medical costs and $1,000 on car repairs but that really means that I spent less than expected.  I still paid $500 to an anesthesiologist and $120 for a new car battery and I still have tons of regular expenses such as rent and bills. 

Having said that, I do plan to spend on fun things as usual.  Last year, I updated my summer work wardrobe and now it’s time to do the same for fall.  A favorite sweater has holes, another is getting worn-out so I want to buy 1 – 2 sweaters that are good for work and weekends.  I could also used a new pair of brown pumps.  The list never ends!


One response to “Not Spending Does Not Equal Saving

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