Simple Living…The Best Gift I’ve Ever Received

With Christmas only weeks away, I’m sure gift-giving is on everybody’s minds.  My husband and I don’t go overboard but one particular gift stands out in my mind and will always be one of my favorites…

The best gift I’ve ever gotten is a beautiful, white Pottery Barn-style bathroom cabinet that my husband gave me for my birthday.  It is well-built with clean lines that complement modern and traditional decor.   Some girls love diamonds, some love roses, I love anything for our home!  However, this wasn’t just a new expensive item from a pricey store.  This was a special gift because my husband knew how much I hated the the worn-0ut fake-wood cabinet in our bathroom AND how tired I was of the brightly colored bathroom walls.  Before hanging up the new cabinet, he also repainted the walls an elegant blue-gray color. 

The irony is that when friends or family asked what I got that birthday, I never tell them about the cabinet.  Neither does my husband (when asked what he bought me for my birthday).  That’s because he got the cabinet for FREE from craigslist.  The monetary value of this gift does increase if you factor in paint and labor, as you might know if you’ve ever paid anyone to hang up cabinets and paint a room!   It’s not that he hasn’t bought me other more expensive gifts or that he couldn’t afford to buy something.  It’s just that replacing a cabinet is low priority if we’re renting.  Yet knowing how much I’d love this item, he jumped at the opportunity to get it for me. 

Oh, he also treated me to a nice dinner at an Italian pizzeria.  Even on an anonymous blog, I want to make sure we don’t seem too frugal!


2 responses to “Simple Living…The Best Gift I’ve Ever Received

  1. The gifts of love and labor are those I remember the most, accompanied by spending or not.

    What I’ll remember most from this season is that when I was ill and in pain, my friend stayed up with me half the night despite needing to go to work in the morning, trying to ease my pain. No material gift could top that.

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