Simple Recipe #14: Pasta and Ceci Bean Soup

We’re so used to canned soups that making it from scratch seems like too much of a chore.  However, a pasta with ceci bean soup is fairly easy to prepare and lasts for days.  It’s a healthy soup that is full of flavor, too.   This pot lasted three nights, which is a bit much if you get affected by gas issues (is that too much information?)


Yellow Onion (1)

White Wine

Ceci or chick peas / garbanzo beans (2 cans)

Pasta  (a corkscrew shape such as Fusilli or Rotini)

Beef Bouillon

Fresh Sage

Fresh rosemary

Fresh garlic clove (1 – 2)

Pancetta (optional)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


1 ) Chop onions and sauté in a large pot. This is the pot where you will make the soup.

2 ) Add white wine to the onions and cook until wine evaporates.  If you have pancetta, sauté until fully cooked. Sauté a clove or two of chopped garlic.

3 ) Once the onions are browned, add in enough water to fill half of the pot.  Heat the water and add in a spoon or two of beef bouillon.  Add in chopped sage leaves and a branch of rosemary. 

4 ) In the meantime, open one can of Ceci or garbanzo beans and put it into a food processor.  Add salt, pepper and olive oil and purée.  You want to create a creamy bean purée.  Add this purée to the large pot.

5 ) Add a cup and half of pasta to the large pot.  Also add in the other can of Ceci beans.  Cook for another 5 minutes or until pasta and beans are cooked.  (I confess: I did not pay as much attention here so I don’t know the exact cooking time, but this is something you can taste for done-ness).

6 ) Salt and pepper to taste.


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