2010 Planner Dilemma

I’m spending way too much time thinking about a 2010 planner.  I could get a generic planner through work for free yet I’m browsing at Borders for Moleskine and other nicer planners.  The funny thing is that I always start off with a paper planner and then end up relying on a crazy combination of electronic (yahoo and microsoft office calendar), post-it notes, Excel spreadsheets and the planner.

For the last few years, I’ve just opted for the free generic calendar.  However, there is something about modern, well-designed calendars that make me feel less of an office drone.  I also realized that I operate better if there is a to-do list section that is not so rigid or time-sensitive. (Most office planners emphasize Monday-through-Friday and don’t have much blank space for miscellaneous notes. I guess the assumption is that you can’t put off things week after week.  I tend to have a list of low-pri “things to do” that migrate from week to week.)

As you can see, I’m over-thinking this!


5 responses to “2010 Planner Dilemma

  1. 🙂 You are way overthinking! But let us know what you get!

  2. I just redeemed a $25 Borders gift card via my credit card rewards, so I think I’ll get the Moleskine. Hopefully I can get by on 1 planner system next year!

  3. I’ve used Franklin Covey planners for years, and I think they have a lot of different planner pages. There’s notebook-style ones with a week on 2 days, and ones that are monthly.

    I have the actual binder, so I can get refills with whatever I need – usually just the months and some lined paper, since my To Do lists are usually pretty flexible. It’s a bigger cost up-front, but then I spend about $12/year getting the new monthly calendars, and the lined paper.

  4. Thanks to paranoid asteroid, I just browsed the Covey website. I thought they only had boring black planners but then I spotted a pretty, expensive quilted leather one. Too many choices!

  5. I love the weekly AND monthly planners, though they’re hard to find year to year. I hate being tied into just a weekly or daily planner because I like my monthly overviews. Thanks to the traveling, though, I’ve been leaving it behind more and using Google docs for convenience.

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