Thoughts on Blogging

I came up with a few observations after years of reading blogs and a few months of blogging.

1) Titles Matter

I found a blog titled “When Adobo Met Feijoda” that chronicles the life of a Filipino woman (adobo) and her Brazilian husband (feijoda is a typical Brazilian dish) and I thought it was so clever. I should have named this “When Soy Sauce Met Olive Oil” instead! 

I noticed that I tend to skip blogs that have Finance or Money in the title; there are simply too many of these and they don’t stand out as much in my mind.  I like assertive or intriguing blog names like “Give Me Back My Five Buck”, “Budgets are Sexy”, or “Punch Debt in the Face”.  A lot of women seem to think small, if you go by titles alone, with names like “Stacking Pennies”, “Counting Pennies”, “I Pick Up Pennies” or “The Art of the Coupon”, while men dream big and have blogs like “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”.  Of course women also helm blogs like “Well-Heeled” and “World of Wealth”.  Food bloggers seem to have a wider range of names and I haven’t pinpoint why I may click on ones and not others.

2 ) I still confuse various bloggers

As you can tell from the list above, I do skim through a lot of blogs even though I only read a few on a regular basis.  I subscribe to a few feeds and then click on a random list depending on most recent updates.   Because I tend to speed-read and not read the “About Me” page, I don’t remember much detail about bloggers.  Is “Fabulously Broke” an Asian female or was that “Well-Heeled”?  A few are getting their masters or additional education but I can’t remember the subjects. I think “Stacking Pennies” is studying Engineering, or is that “M is for Money”?

I’m surprised that many anonymous bloggers get “outed” by friends, family or colleagues.  For all I know, one of the blogs I read regularly is written by my best friend and I wouldn’t put two and two together!

3) Mom blogs Are Very Similar (Stepford Moms?)

There are exceptions of course but many “mommy bloggers” seem to write about the same things and could be written by the same person.  I get that parenthood, especially motherhood, changes you but I still don’t understand why they change a person so drastically.  A punk-rock artist friend and a conservative doctor friend could now write the exact same blog!

4 ) Diversity Rules

In real life, we all tend to pick friends based on similarities.  I admit that my closest friends have been Asian or a minority, just not white.  I have many white friends but I feel a stonger bond with those who are a bit outside the mainstream.  I just don’t get it when my American friends rave about smores or canned tomato soup!  In the blogging world, it’s different.  Yes, I read a lot of blogs by middle-class white Americans or Asian women.  I also read many blogs by white American men.   However, a lot of blogs I like are written by 20-somethings even though I don’t have any friends in that age range in real life.  I also read a blog called “Funny about Money” written by a retired woman living in Arizona.  We have little in common but I like her writing style.  I just found an interesting ex-pat blog by a black Caribbean woman living in Italy.   I read a few Canadian and English blogs.  The list goes on.

What about you?  Do you prefer blogs by people similar to yourself? What attracts you to a blog in the first place? 


4 responses to “Thoughts on Blogging

  1. I realized a while ago that my blog name has absolutely nothing to do with what I blog about. Not sure if that’s good or bad. When I saw your blog name, I found it very evocative since I add oil & garlic to just about everything!

    I think it’s easier to befriend more diversely when you’re a blogger. In real life, your perception of people are colored first & foremost by their appearance, and thus you’re more likely to gravitate toward people who look the same. Online you’re probably attracted to people who sound the same. There’s nothing wrong with that since it’s not really conscious. This is why I don’t read mom blogs – I find that they hold no interest because it’s just not something I’m interested in.

  2. I can’t believe I forgot to mention Paranoid Asteroid. That name did stick in my head but I admit that I am still not sure how you came up with it!

  3. I came up with my name on a whim, and now, I wish I’d chosen something more interest, more representative, more… But I’ve also been too lazy to think of something to change it TO, so, Stacking Pennies it is. I had no idea I’d be blogging 2 years later!

  4. SP – My husband and I came up with the name with the intention of making it an 100% food blog, so it’s not really representative of all my interests either. But after a few months of blogging, I already don’t want to change it either. Two years of blogging is impressive!

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