But I Love Bell Peppers!

If you read or write about food, sooner or later you’ll stumble upon articles about the “dirty dozen” of foods with the most pesticide exposure.  Unfortunately, some of my favorite vegetables and fruits are in the top 12.

Here’s the list if you haven’t seen it before:

1 ) Peaches

2 ) Apples

3 ) Sweet Bell Peppers

4 ) Celery

5 ) Nectarine

6 ) Strawberries

7 ) Cherries

8 ) Kale

9 ) Lettuce

10 ) Grapes (imported)

11 ) Carrots

12 ) Pears

I don’t know if the list fluctuates often but I have seen bell peppers on the list for a long time.  I love red bell peppers. The wholesale market we frequent most have inexpensive bell peppers but doesn’t sell organic ones.  I may have to give up my Whole Foods boycott and spend a fortune at a regular supermarket.

It will also be hard to eat less lettuce and strawberries.  As for the rest of the dirty dozen, I can try to buy them at local Farmer’s markets.

In case you don’t know how much I love red bell peppers,  at least seven recipes on this blog feature this delicious vegetable.  Here are some of my favorites:

Chicken with bell peppers

Roasted bell peppers

Singapore noodles

Pasta salad

Ripieni or stuffed bell peppers

And I haven’t even added my fajita recipe yet, which does include bell peppers of course!  When I write out these recipes, should I add a line saying make at your own risk?


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