Twilight Is More Popular Than Anything By Neitzsche

A few days ago, I started a post entitled “I don’t understand” about my feeble attempts at selling books through the website.   Since they don’t charge a commission until you sell, it seemed like a logical choice for my collection of old classics, college textbooks and like-new books I’ll never read again.

When you list a book, shows you the price range for that book from other sellers as well as the actual selling price for your book, if any had been sold.  If you list too high, you may never sell it.  My aim was to declutter the garage so I priced to sell.

After two days, two books were snapped up. I made a pathetic $3 after commissions.   This did not include the cost of mailing or padded envelopes.  Mailing is reimbursed by We had padded envelopes stashed in the garage for years so it was good to finally use these.  However, if I had to buy envelopes just for this little endeavor, I wouldn’t have made a dime.

Today I sold a higher-priced book and now it’s beginning to make more sense. I will not be retiring on my used book income but if I do sell a few books, it will make this worthwhile.  It’s pretty easy to pack up a book and drop it at a nearby post office. If the rest of my books don’t sell within a few months, I’ll just donate them as usual.  Who knew that someone would buy a copy of Neitzsche’s greatest works?


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