Top Posts For 2009

I thought I’d do a quick recap of my top posts from 2009.  As a newbie blogger, my top posts didn’t draw thousands of views but several were included in blog carnivals. 

Top 5

– The Battle Between Simplicity and Frugality will soon get a follow-up post.

Just Ask! My Negotiations Challenge also inspired several posts as I continued to challenge myself to negotiate and saved big bucks.

Keeping Up With The Joneses…Through Food was one of my first Carnival submissions.

Simple Living, Italian Style captures the Italian influences in my life

– I realized that PF Blogs Make Me Want To Spend 

As for food-related posts, here are the top recipes:

– People looking for lunch ideas viewed Black Bean and Cheese Burrito.

Dishes of Holidays Past got a spike right before Christmas and New Year’s.

Roasted Bell Peppers, another simple recipe!

– A Fall Feast: Baked Yams and Potatoes was a delicious surprise.

– Food Flashback: Baccala was a surprising but well-deserved favorite.

 Look forward to more delicious recipes and lots of random thoughts in 2010!


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