Food Flashback: Empanadas In Argentina

When you think of Argentina, you think of meat. And the meat is in one word: perfection.  My husband and I had never tasted steak so juicy and tender yet well-done.  We want to go back someday just to eat meat. 

Some people may not know that Argentina, and most of South America, is also famous for empanadas.  Empanadas are stuffed bread or pastry that originated in Spain and Portugal.  Due to colonialization, empanadas are popular throughout South America.  In Argentina, freshly-made empanadas are widely available with a wide choice of fillings such as chicken, beef, ham, fish, corn, mozzarella, etc..  We even saw ones stuffed with Rocquefort cheese. 

In most shops, empanadas are ready-made and heated up when you order.  At one restaurant near Buenos Aires, they prepared it after you placed the order and then baked it.  It took a while longer but we learned that the dough is ten times better when fresh from the oven.  See photo below.

I was going through our Argentina photos today, which prompted this post.  Oddly enough, we did not have many pictures of meat.  We were definitely too busy eating to snap photos.


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