Roast Beef with Potatoes, Carrots and Onions

The problem with writing down a recipe many days after the fact is that you tend to forget details…like the main ingredient.  Luckily my husband reminded me we always keep receipts and I was able to look up the part of beef.  My husband sort of winged this recipe so he can’t quite remember every step either.  However, it was much simpler than expected and very delicious!


1 ) Beef Rib Eye

2 ) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 ) Fine Sea Salt

4 ) Black Pepper

5 ) Carrots

6 ) Potatoes (preferably Dutch or White Rose)

7 ) White or Yellow Onion (1)


My husband rubbed the beef rib eye with extra virgin olive oil, salt and fresh ground black pepper.  Then he pierced it with a metal spit from our convection oven.  He set it to the Rotisserie setting and broiled it for about 1 hour.  Unfortunatly we can’t remember the exact length of time; he did check it every so often for tenderness. You want to catch that sweet spot when it is tender and rare.  The worst thing is overcooking it since beef is much better on the rare side.  If you overcook it, you might as well have bought cheap meat past its expiration date.

To catch the juices, he put a pan under the roast beef.  He also put peeled carrots, chopped onions and potatoes in this pan.  We used White Rose potatoes instead of the obvious Russet.  The skins of the white rose, or Dutch, are softer and absorb juices better than the regular Russet potato.  Each potato was chopped in half. Then I sliced little cuts along the length of the potato and stuffed chopped rosemary into the slits.  This sounds tiresome, and it isn’t easy to push those little rosemary needles into the cuts, but a friend did this once and the results were worth it. 

What makes this recipe simpler than expected is that you can walk away once the rotisserie has started spinning. 

As I mentioned, my husband winged this one and not all of the carrots and potatoes were ready at the same time as the beef.  We re-heated the slightly under-cooked ones under foil the next day for delicious leftovers.

If your only exposure to roast beef has been roast beef sandwiches, this dish is a revelation.  It brought out the flavors of the amazing Beef Rib Eye and gave both of us a new appreciation of roast beef.  Not bad for $15!


2 responses to “Roast Beef with Potatoes, Carrots and Onions

  1. sounds great!
    check out my baking blog and tell me what you think:


  2. I love roast beef made medium rare. It’s a one pot wonder really. You roast with veggies and potatoes all at the same time and you have yourself a meal.
    To make sure they’re done at the same time, you’ll want to make sure the veggies are cubed. I use Montreal Steak Spice as my dry rub. If you can get your hands on it, it’s good stuff.

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