Grocery Challenge

My husband and I spend about $400+ on groceries and $200 on dining out every month.  At least that’s the amount I came up with after several cursory checks of our joint credit card bill.  We charge most of our expenses and it seems like an accurate figure.  However, that is a lot of money even if we live in an expensive area like Los Angeles.  This figure does not include toiletries or household goods but includes alcohol and bottled water.  Truthfully we’re puzzled by this high amount.  For health reasons, we often eat mostly vegetarian.  I bring my lunches 3-4 times a week.  Maybe it all boils down to seafood and imported cheese?

For the month of January, we’re actually tracking everything.  This exercise will hopefully curb spending toward the end of the month.  (We won’t cheat and go out to eat more in order to reduce grocery bills!) My husband thinks we can whittle this down by at least $100.  We’ve spent about $125 so far and it’s only the 13th.


7 responses to “Grocery Challenge

  1. Without much frugal effort (but with price conscious shopping), I’ve been tracking about $150 groceries and $100+ eating out — double that for T and I, as I only track mine and we split these almost in half.

    You aren’t that far off me, but I’m interested to see how your challenge turns out!

  2. SP – We’ve been price-conscious but I think this exercise is making us even more so. My husband is realizing that $4-5 for a box of cereal is insane.

  3. Cereal is pricey which is why I prefer steel-cut oatmeal, much cheaper, less packaging, processing and you can customize it any way you want with cinnamon, maple syrup, and dried fruit.

    If you eat mostly vegetarian have you tried the CSA delivery? A friend of mines relies on that for 90% of her groceries. She supplements the others at Tjs for protein. the csa delivery kept her from overspending on food and less waste.

    • I heard about CSA’s but I haven’t looked into any. I guess I should do some research for good CSA in the area and see if it’s worth it.

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