Spinach and Potato Torta Tonight!

I know that I’ve written several torta recipes during the short life of this blog. Since the principles are the same, I’ll just refer readers to earlier posts like this or that for recipe details.  There are so many good things about tortas.  They’re relatively simple to make.  They taste even better the next day. They’re inexpensive, versatile, and pretty healthy too.  These past 2 – 3 weeks, we’ve made 3 varieties of torta: one with zucchini, ham and olives; one with broccoli-cauliflower and curry, and a third one with spinach and potatoes.  In both versions, there is a healthy amount of cotija or parmigiano cheese, 2 – 3 eggs depending on preferred consistency, salt and pepper.   To make each torta last three nights and for variety, we usually make a side salad — something simple like cannellini beans with red onions and tomatoes or sauted artichoke hearts with fresh market cheese (something I picked up from an Armenian market).

One response to “Spinach and Potato Torta Tonight!

  1. I’m still craving the torta since reading about this one! I have got to make it as soon as I’m better from whatever it is I’ve got.

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