Going Out For Less

I just saved $26 on concert tickets so I feel that I should mention www.goldstar.com, a website that offers discounted tickets for entertainment and leisure activities in metro areas like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boston, Seattle, and more.   Since I joined (it’s free), I’ve saved on spa services, concerts, and comedy shows.  If you’re someone who likes to go out and explore their hometown, it’s really worth joining.   They have discounted tickets on everything from film screenings to sporting events to food tasting tours.  Check it out and if you join,  please click on my referral link: https://www.goldstar.com/join?p=F87877RB

This is not a paid advertisement or sponsored post. I just really had to share…


3 responses to “Going Out For Less

  1. Oh I keep getting their emails but have yet to find something that meshes with either my schedule, budget or interest. I didn’t realize I’d become such a picky go-er out-er.

  2. To clarify, I meant that often there are things that interest me and schedule and/or budget frequently stop me up. That is all.

    • I definitely haven’t bought tons of tickets for the reasons you mentioned: budgeting/interest/scheduling. However, I keep my subscription and always check it out before buying event tickets.

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