Moments Of Minimalist Regrets

I like to tell myself that I’m a minimalist, i.e. someone who subscribes to the “less is more” principle in terms of design and clothing.  Our house is fairly uncluttered.  I can actually see all my boots and shoes with one glance.  I pride myself on not getting too attached to knick-knacks. 

Of course one look into our garage tells another story…which is why we’re in the midst of declutting our garage and home.  Even minimalists end up with a lot of junk somehow! 

I thought it would be an easy process.  I was thrilled to sell old books on, many of which I haven’t opened in 10 – 15 years.  Yet after a recent sale, I was a bit sad.  I hadn’t opened this particular book in years and I had little desire to read it again. However, it was written by a writer who had influenced my youth, or rather fueled my youthful idealism.  Of course I’m glad that someone else will now get to read it and appreciate it. 

After this book sale, we sold an old, antique piece of furniture.  The piece no longer matched our more modern tastes and it would have languished in the garage for years.  I’m happy that it will be appreciated in its new owner.  At the same time, I’m a bit sad that it is gone.

I’m sure these feeling will soon pass and be replaced by the joy of having a roomier garage!


One response to “Moments Of Minimalist Regrets

  1. I always do that – usually with items of clothing. Even if I hadn’t worn it in years, even if I know I gave it up because it didn’t fit well, there is still that time when I think, “Oh, that gray v-neck would be perfect for this outfit!”

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