Pottery Barn Misses Me (And So Does Ebags)

I am on the email lists for many retailers, more than I care to name.  This seems counter-intuitive for someone who wants to stay frugal.  I usually have a will of iron when it comes to marketing solicitations and rarely open the email…but of course, sometimes the subject line is so compelling that I MUST open it.   I am usually able to stop myself from buying just because of a sale (although sometimes I do put random items in the shopping cart and go through two-thirds of the check-out process)!

Why do I stay on these lists and let 10 emails per day clutter up my inbox? Because genuine deals do exist on products I plan to buy anyway.   Plus, I found that many retailers give great deals to past inactive customers.  Here’s a sampling:

1 ) McAfee gave me 75% off a one-year subscription to their anti-virus software. I found an additional discount code that reduced it to $5.  We had switched to Norton Anti-virus and this was their “please come back” offer.

2 ) Pottery Barn also misses me, or rather my business.  I haven’t bought from them in years but they have sent me 2 – 3 “please come back” emails. The savings were only 10% though.

3 ) Ebags is begging me to return, with a $25 off coupon code. It has to be on a $75 purchase so I think I’ll pass.

4 ) A few years ago, my employer paid for a training class.  I agreed to be on their email list and have received discount offers of 10 to 40 % off.  Using a 40% off coupon code for several employees, we were able to save hundreds.

Loyalty also has its rewards.  I’ve gotten good coupons for signing up at Bliss and Calypso St. Barth. I also get good coupon offers from Rubios and Fresh N’ Easy, to name a few retailers.

1 )  By paying attention to Avon‘s marketing emails, I usually save 50% on a  favorite skincare product. And I always find a code for free shipping.

2 ) Amazon occasionally sends me coupon codes for our favorite Italian coffee, saving us an additional 15%.

Do you remove yourself from marketing email lists?  Is the temptation just not worth it?

2 responses to “Pottery Barn Misses Me (And So Does Ebags)

  1. I stay on them for the same reasons you do. Mostly I’m not tempted by the bargains but occasionally something pops up. Eg. I’m out of filters for our water jug but by coincidence I’ve just received an offer of buy 4, get 2 free. That saves me $22, so I’m rapt!

    Occasionally I will be tempted by something that I don’t NEED (like a recent heavy discount on some wine glasses that we loved but were far too expensive at full price) but it’s so rare, I just look at them as happy oppurtunities. But like I said, I’m pretty good at avoiding most of the temptations (And we didn’t end up buying the wine glasses after all 🙂

  2. I usually stay on the lists for the same reason that a good deal for something on my list will pop up. If I’m not in need of anything, I usually won’t even bother to open the email, it’s automatically deleted. The Gilt and HauteLook emails are auto-deletes too, I should just unsubscribe but it doesn’t bother me much.

    It’s doubtful I’ll ever purchase from them again, I’m happy with the one thing I bought but I’m not in the market for deeply discounted yet still high priced swag. 🙂

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