Month Two Of The Grocery Challenge

Ever since I realized we spend an average of $400 per month on groceries (for 2 adults), I’ve been trying to cut costs.  In January, we actually started tracking our expenses during the month instead of tallying it up at the end.  Big difference! Just being more price-conscious reduced our spending by $70.  However, I can’t say yet if we succeeded or not, or whether this is a fluke or a real change.  Here’s why:

1 ) We didn’t track dining out expenses.  I have no idea if we made up for the reduced grocery bill by dining out more often.

2 ) Feast or Famine mentality: As soon as February 1st hit, my husband and I both went shopping. I bought 5 boxes of pasta while my husband spent $67 on groceries.  In other words, we had held back our spending in order to make the $331 January goal.  It’s easy to make the mistake of eating lamb and seafood during the first few weeks and then become end up with a rice-and-beans diet toward the end of the month.

We’ll have to see how it goes this month. The $67 should last us a week or longer, plus we have food in the pantry.


2 responses to “Month Two Of The Grocery Challenge

  1. The good thing is that February is a shorter month. Your money goes further for 28 days than 31!

  2. Last month’s tally had us (just me and my husband) at a little over $500. Granted, I made a massive beef purchase from my meat buying co-op (sweet lawd, it was so goooooooood!), but even with the big purchase and all my holier-than-fast-food ethical purchases–GOOD. LAWD. I’m with you on this quest.

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