Please Save My Red Sauce!

While not nearly as bad as the uncooked chicken episode of years ago, last night I undercooked eggplant and onions that were intended to be the base for a red sauce. This means that instead of flavorful eggplant and sweet-tasting onions, you get boiled vegetables that add zero flavor to the final product.  Last night, my husband started the rescue process.  Let’s hope he succeeds so that I didn’t waste the normally delicious Italian eggplants and two cans of plum tomatoes.

Update: Okay, the red sauce was ‘saved’ with more peperoncini, some sugar, white wine and just cooking the hell out of it.  After hours of cooking, the sauce had a nice, rich texture and the eggplant and onions were fine.  Next time I have to be more patient!


One response to “Please Save My Red Sauce!

  1. If he manages the rescue, please do share the details! I’m certain that I will do the same at one point or another, I have no love for eggplant but the partner does so I’ve got to learn how to cook it.

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