60 Comments About Polenta?!

I was reading Eats Well With Others (a very good food blog) and I was stunned to see 60 comments on a recent polenta post. In fact, many of her recipes garnered 60+ comments.  Part of the reason is that she usually mixes in an interesting back story within her recipe post.  However, I visited a few other food blogs on her blogroll and they also had 50+ comments on many recipe posts.  Crazy Asian Gal had 47 comments on a post about caramel popcorn.  Moveable Feasts got 75 comments on a chicken recipe.  Generally comments fall into 2 categories: 1 ) Yum, I love it too! or 2 ) I must try it!

I’m mentioning this because my favorite finance bloggers don’t seem to get that many comments, even on thought-provoking topics.  Maybe I stumbled upon the more popular food blogs or perhaps people are just more passionate about food than finance?


10 responses to “60 Comments About Polenta?!

  1. Comments are an odd beast. You can have a gazillion readers and only a handful of comments, and there seems to be a bit of mutual commenting (at least intially, before things get crazy if your blog becomes famous).

    I always felt too silly to comment and then just started tossing it out there, even if mine is the lone voice on multiple posts. As a writer and blogger, I love getting them, so I assume I’m not alone in that and started blabbing in others’ comments section. But there’s just no way to predict which posts will get attention. It’s bizarre.

    Having said all that, polenta is pretty awesome.

  2. You’re right about the mutual commenting. Before I comment, I ask myself if I would have commented on that post before starting a blog.

  3. I think food is definitely more popular. There are a few big PF blogs that get tons of comments, but the norm (that I enjoy) get 10 comments on a good post.

  4. I’m passionate about both! My head cares for the money and my tummy cares for the food. 😀

  5. Firstly thanks for the shout out. 🙂 It is much appreciated.

    Secondly, and in response to your question, I’m not sure. I don’t know the stats but I have a feeling there may be more food blogs out there than there are finance blogs and so there are just a larger pool of commenters to pull from. I will be interested to see what some of your other readers have to say on this!

  6. I think the highly commented on PF blogs tend to be more controversial or more advice-laden. Otherwise, I guess there’s not much for a commenter to say?

    • I agree re: PF blogs. Sometimes there is no reason to comment. I just find it funny that food blogs often generate comments just with a recipe post and many commenters just post “yum, must try it!” They must be a more enthusiastic bunch!

  7. Sheesh yeah, have you ever read Closet Cooking? The amount of comments!

    Consciously Frugal is right – some blogs have lots of readers but few commenters. Especially if many of the readers don’t blog themselves (going back to that whole mutual commenting thing).

  8. Funny, I love food blogs but I try not to read them too much because I get SO HUNGRY! Hahaha.

  9. I find this post amusing as just the other day I was thinking about this! I watched the film Julie and Julia with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams in it. It’s a true story about a girl working her way through Julia Child’s cookbook and writing a blog about it. It’s definately worth a watch. 🙂

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