Food Resolutions 2010

Grilled Lamb

While finance bloggers come up with goals to save more money, invest in stocks, and buy houses, food bloggers get to list less lofty goals like “must make chicken salad someday.”   Why chicken salad? My husband makes so many better tasting dishes; however, I think my list includes foods that I didn’t grow up with.  I see/experience real Italian and Chinese cooking, but chicken salad remains a mystery (even though I grew up in the U.S.).

Without further ado, here’s my random list of foods that I want to cook someday, or what I’m calling my food goals/resolutions:

1 ) Chicken Salad:  I’ve tried several store-bought versions, even two from Trader Joes, and they all disappoint.  I want to start by roasting a whole chicken.

2 ) Risotto: This intimidates me; I really want to walk away once I stir in the rice.

3 ) Bechamel: I’ve only attempted it once while my husband was nearby.

4 ) Lamb shanks

5 ) Hummus:  It’s not even one of my favorite foods but I keep seeing recipes for it in health/fitness magazines.

6 ) Won tons:  I’m ready to move up from wrapping duties to making the filling!

7 ) Baccala: There are so many good recipes using baccala, or salt cod, that I can’t just name one.

8 ) Clam chowder: This can’t be too hard, but I don’t want to start with canned clam juice.

9 ) Eggplant Parmigiana:  I want to do this from start to finish, without my husband’s intervention. 

10) Lamb Moussaka

Truthfully, once I’m retired, I would like to make just 50% of the dishes from my husband’s repertoire as well as many of my mom’s recipes.  What about you? Do you have a “bucket list” of recipes, i.e. dishes that you want to make someday?

11 responses to “Food Resolutions 2010

  1. simplelifeinfrance

    Hmm . . . I suppose I’d like to graduate from making sushi rolls with veggies and cooked fish only to something with raw fish.

    I’d also like to know how to make croissants and other pastries. Everyone keeps telling me this is too complicated, which makes me think they are challenging me!

    I want to make awesome tortillas–and I do mean awesome. Mine are just good right now (it’s so easy to beat plastic tasting store tortillas though).

    Tierra misu (did I spell that right?!?!?!)

    And I would like to learn to make my own cheese. (good stuff)

  2. A few of us in my meat buying co-op just purchased a whole lamb. I’ve only eaten lamb once before at a Lebanese restaurant (amazing!), so I’m absolutely clueless. I bought a cookbook recently that has several lamb recipes I’m going to try. I’m nervous.

    And fish! I don’t know how to cook fish well at all. I’m so clueless on lamb and fish that I don’t even know any recipes to name. My family sends me salmon from Alaska. All I’ve ever done is toss some dill on it, wrap it in foil and stick it in the oven. It’s delicious, but I just know there’s a whole world out there I’m missing.

    Any suggestions?

  3. I love hearing about other people’s food “challenges”
    @Simple In France: Making tortillas..that’s impressive! Baking is another area that eludes me. Oh, and it’s tiramisu. I love your guess though.

    @Consciously Frugal: A whole lamb! I would need someone to butcher it properly. Roasting a leg of lamb might be a good start. Just use salt, olive oil and rosemary to create a good rub for it. Rosemary always pairs well with lamb. I don’t think I posted up a lamb recipe (except for lamb moussaka) but as you mentioned, there are plenty of recipes out there. Good luck and I’d love to hear what you end up making.

    As for fish, there are so many options that can make someone’s head spin. One thing my husband likes to do is to grill fish such as cod on both sides and then bake it with vegetables like artichoke hearts, potatoes or cauliflower. Grilling salmon steak is also delicious.

  4. Hummus is quick and relatively easy if you have a food processor. I’m a fan of using sesame oil instead of Tahini because sesame oil is something that’s already in my regular pantry rotation.

    Your list is making me hungry. I want to make yogurt (the thing stopping me is trying to come up with a good rig for keeping it warm during incubation), smoke my own bacon (again, I need to build a rig), spaghetti sauce from fresh tomatoes, and expand my bread comfort zone. Plus I want to start canning once my vegetable garden gets going.

    – KP

  5. My great aunt actually boils the chicken in her chicken salad, and her is the best I’ve ever tasted. (Just don’t eat boiled chicken regularly – blechhh.)

    There are so many thing I wish I knew how to cook. I just have a few standbys that I can make pretty well, so that’s what I make on the rae occasions when Chad doesn’t cook.

  6. @KP and Paranoid: Thanks for the tips. Any tips to help me unravel the mysteries of hummus and chicken salad is much appreciated!

  7. I LOVE lamb and I’m English so we love our Sunday roast dinners which involves roasting a lamb with rosemary for about four or five hours with brussels and roast potatoes. I’d love to buy a whole lamb. I can’t even find lamb in stores in New York! I’ll have to look it up… too busy to cook at the moment but when tax time is over, I’m going to put a whole pig in the ground with some hot coals… maybe

  8. @JN Urbanski: I love lamb with roasted dutch potatoes. Have never tried it with brussel sprouts though. It is amazing to me that in this day and age, with the glut of cooking shows, that it is still hard to find lamb in New York.

  9. I know! My husband says that’s ridiculous, of course there’s lamb here, but I told him to go and get me some then, and so far, he hasn’t.

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