I’m A Simple Living Hypocrite

At work, they’re dangling a carrot in front of me in the form of a monetary bonus if I achieve certain goals. Needless to say, this involves more work and time and just thinking about work when I’m not physically there. So far, it hasn’t resulted in longer hours but I do feel the pressure to take short lunches and bring some reading home. And as the deadline approaches, I’m sure I will feel even more stressed.

Part of me feels that I should decline this bonus “opportunity”. It’s not really in line with my values, won’t jeopardize my job, and I have more work right now even without this bonus project. However, I haven’t declined and I’m pushing forward in opposition to my values. Money talks I guess. What would you do?


5 responses to “I’m A Simple Living Hypocrite

  1. I’m not sure why you’re calling yourself a hypocrite, but here’s my suggestion: if you are in love with your job, I would go for it especially if you’re offered incentives and its not encroaching on any more of your time. I’m something of a workaholic though. I love to write and read, which is part of my job and I simply can’t stop it.

  2. I guess I’m calling myself a hypocrite because I always advise friends to simplify their workload and not take on too much, although this might not be just work but also unnecessary social engagements or chores. I do like my job and this project is challenging but it isn’t that much fun and will take time away from family and friends. At least it’s only short-term..

  3. I am lazy and money doesn’t motivate me like it used to. I would say thanks, but no thanks. But for those who aren’t lazy and who are motivated by money, I am likely seen as a crazy person.

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