“Radical” Advice From A Life Style Design Blog

Well-Heeled recently wrote a good post about life style design blogs. If you don’t know, these are blogs that advocate a non-9 to 5 lifestyle. Tim Ferris of 4 Hour Work Week fame is probably one of the early gurus of this “movement”. Most of these bloggers seem to disdain the conventional lifestyle choices and do design/writing/consulting work while traveling the globe. A great flexible choice if you can swing it and don’t have to worry about a spouse, kids, pets or if your spouse, kids and pets are on board with your choices.

Obviously if you live a more conventional life, much of their advice do not apply.  However, I still like to read these for inspiration in hopes of adapting some of their tips to my daily life.  I’ve done this with the “simplicity movement” where I try to adapt some of their principles for those who are not willing or ready to move to a farm in the countryside or chuck all their belongings.

Recently one of these lifestyle bloggers posted about NOT doing things that you hate.  His big thing was posting up photos on his blog. He hates doing it but feels obligated to because that’s good blogging 101.  It was a tiny a-ha moment for me because I hate posting photos.  I also hate to write down recipes.  Since oil and garlic is still about food, and photos are generally important,  I’m a really bad food blogger.  My solution should be to make adding photos a priority and be more diligent about writing down recipes. Instead, taking a page from these lifestyle design blogs, I’m just not going to worry about it. I’ll add photos when I feel like it, and share recipes whenever possible, but I’m just not going to do something I hate.  Freedom in a small way…

There are so many ways I can apply this tip. Stop watching movies that bore me. Stop reading a book if it doesn’t interest me by page 30 or 60.  I stopped doing a monthly report at work because no one has read it for months.  The moment I decided NOT to do this, someone asked for data from this report.  Of course no one wanted a full report and I was able to get the data quickly, saving me hours of putting together a full report each month.  I’m also busy enough that if someone  did want a full report, they would understand if it had fallen through the  cracks.

I’m mulling over goals for 2011 (if it’s not too late to set goals for the year in late March !) and I may add this to my list. It’s surprising easy to get caught up doing things I don’t like due to habit, obligation etc..


One response to ““Radical” Advice From A Life Style Design Blog

  1. It’s never too late to set some goals!

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