I Lied…Work/Life Juggle Is Hard

A week after writing a post about managing the work/life juggle, I had a mini-meltdown, one of those days when that one extra thing on your to-do list is somehow overwhelming.  I realized that my perfectly balanced life was just one oil change or one sinkful of dirty dishes away from imbalance. While on most days, I can work and enjoy parenthood, I could not find time for anything else including husband, friends or myself.

I’m not throwing in the towel yet.  I’m fine-tuning my own time management skills and following my own advice on simplifying life.  I’m also still trying to be good at my job and be a good parent.  However, I realized that it is infinitely harder than I ever imagined!  With the prospect of my husband picking up more freelance work, I also have to adjust to the realities of a true two-income household. I can’t ask him to always take on more household chores if he’s busy as well.

I know that my viewpoint right now is extremely limited.  Kids get easier (in some ways) when they are less needy or when they start school.  I just can’t see too far ahead right now as we’re still in the night feeding stage, (although that is already is getting better with less frequent feedings).

One response to “I Lied…Work/Life Juggle Is Hard

  1. The fact that you are able to function with babies (um, plural, no?)–write coherent sentences, no less–means that you are doing about 14,000 times better than I could ever hope to. Just sayin’.

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