To-Buy List Grows And Grows

Even though my new mantra is buy less, my list of things to buy seems never-ending!  Two weeks ago, I stocked up on household goods, cosmetics and other necessities.   This is a separate list from groceries so I thought we could at least skip big shopping trips for household goods for a while.  Instead, I’ve already added several new items to my to-buy list. 

I guess it’s never-ending because needs are never-ending (and babies seem to grow an inch a day)? I try my best to stock up so that I don’t have to shop a lot.  I am trying to use what we have before buying.  I try to get baby stuff via hand-me-downs.  Yet…despite my efforts, things do run out at different times, I don’t want to hoard supplies to an insane level, and sometimes it’s just easier to just buy it.   


3 responses to “To-Buy List Grows And Grows

  1. I was putting off buying reusable produce bags because everyone I know had made their own from old sheets. I’m frugal, right? I can do that! Oh please. As if that was ever going to happen. So, I finally just broke down and bought a few adorable ones from Etsy. I love them. And the world did not end. You’re right–sometimes, it’s easier (and more sanity-inducing) to just buy it. And YES, I could have just kept reusing the same plastic bags but yanno what? I didn’t want to. DAMMIT. (The last line was for my inner critic. Thank you for tolerating it.)

  2. I swear that my “cuter” reusable bags seem to last longer. I guess I take better care of them than ugly, cheap bags!

  3. Oh, I know! Especially when you have very little space so stocking up is difficult anyway. You know yourself best – sometimes if using reusable bags means investing a little more for nice ones, then do it!

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