Life Is Too Busy For Goals!

I’ve had a draft post entitled “Goals 2011” for weeks now, and it’s not getting done.  Following my own simple life tip about lowering the bar, I’m just not going to finish it.

I haven’t had much success with goal-setting in recent years. I didn’t accomplish any of my relatively easy goals last year.  (I’m astounded by the number of bloggers who set monthly goals or make a lot of resolutions like “do 30 things by age 30” etc..) While I used to make lists like these, now I’m happy to stay above water.    It’s not just kids; it’s work and life stuff like running errands/bills/chores, etc.. that is wearing me down.

So I guess my main goal this year is to keep treading water…

I do have goals that I know I won’t accomplish — write a will, do yoga twice a week, make roasted meats and crockpot dishes — but I’m listing them here so I can look back and laugh in 2012.


One response to “Life Is Too Busy For Goals!

  1. ha! Yes, goals take time. This month I’m not tracking anything.

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