Buying Stuff For Happiness?

I’ve always been interested in the correlation between money and happiness.  Read enough “expert” articles and you read the same simple conclusion: Money does not make people happier.  While a certain level of financial security is important, what is really important for happiness is time with loved ones and good health.   If you want to increase your happiness via money, it’s better to spend on experiences (travel for example) over STUFF.  The joy over that shiny new toy disappears quickly while experiences stay with you and even seems better over time.  Most of the time this conclusion makes sense to me.   When I think about my backpacking trip through Europe, I remember the good times.  I’ve forgotten about the times I got lost, stress over train schedules, arriving at a city without a place to stay etc….   While I enjoy the benefits of my laptop, I don’t get happy thinking about it.

But what if you can’t buy experiences, as in you have no time?  I would love to get a massage or travel somewhere but it’s not possible right now and I want to spend a little on myself.  The only “solution” I see is to go to the J. Crew website ASAP and do some much needed retail therapy!  Maybe years from now, I will look at my new espadrilles and summer handbag and this STUFF will make me feel a moment of happiness?

5 responses to “Buying Stuff For Happiness?

  1. N&M – True. We are now paying for cleaning help plus childcare and yardwork. Somehow I still feel like I have little time!

  2. I have found that some stuff makes me happier than other stuff. I feel a wee bit of delight everytime I use my cloth produce bags that I bought off of etsy (so. effing. cute). The reusable sammich bags? Fabulous! The new laptop? Feh. Not so much. I’m such a hick at heart that I seem to equate handmade, small delights with something grand and fabulous. Although none of it compares to the awesomeness of travel!

  3. CF- Now I’m tempted to check out esty for cloth bags! Funny how after I wrote this post, I haven’t been able to pull the trigger on any purchases. Nothing really jumps out at me and I think I’ve developing the “too-frugal” mentality where I have problems spending on myself!

  4. I think you will absolutely buy when you find the right thing, and you’ll enjoy it. It’s just going to take some time but don’t force it! 🙂

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